Should I put my picture on my resume?

Are you good looking? No, really, are you? In most cases there is no justification for putting your picture on your resume, unless you intend for your appearance to aid in getting a job. Whether this is an acceptable intent or not depends on the type of job you are applying for and what country you live in.  It is acceptable to put your picture on your resume if you are a model, actor/actress, or the like. When you’re selling your looks, no picture on your resume would be just as bad as leaving your contact information off of it. Your face is your qualification.

For most other professions there’s really no legitimate reason for an employer to see what you look like. In many countries it is illegal to discriminate in hiring based on the race or gender of an applicant, so many employers would actually rather you didn’t include your picture as it can lead to allegations of impropriety. Because of the social norms that determine whether or not a picture is acceptable, employers may actually be suspicious or turned off by an applicant who feels their picture will help them get a job. It seems superficial, and many employers would rather have an average looking, hard-working employee than a good-looking, lazy employee. The fact that you felt your picture was relevant may give the impression that you need to use your looks because your skills are lacking.

While this limited picture policy is the norm in most countries, there are exceptions elsewhere. In fact, in some parts of the World it is not only acceptable to put your picture on your resume, but encouraged. In these job markets, unfortunately, good looks and the “right” race can make all the difference.

Despite all this, it’s easy to imagine the curiosity of an employer as they read a resume. Sight is the strongest of all our senses, and it plays an important role in forming a first impression. Most of us use a person’s appearance to help gauge their trustworthiness, character, hygiene, and other important factors that an employer is very interested in. These impressions may not be the most accurate, but they are something we rely on heavily.

While your picture probably doesn’t convey much of importance about you, it’s definitely something that human nature drives us to have a curiosity about. If you put your picture on your resume, the employer will look at it. Whether it plays a role in you getting an interview or not depends on the employer.

This brings us back to the original question. Should you put your picture on your resume? The long answer: only if you’re applying for a job where it would be appropriate, or if you look like a super model. The short answer: no.

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