Resume Format

There are two decisions you need to make with regard to resume format.

  1. Resume or CV
  2. Chronological or Functional format

You should first decide whether you are going to write a resume or a CV. They are completely different documents, and if you’re unsure which to choose then check out Resume vs. CV.

If you choose to write a CV, you will almost certainly a hybrid of the two resume formats.

The most popular format for recent graduates and those without several years of work experience in their field is the functional resume. It emphasizes the talents and skills of an individual rather than their track record. The functional resume format is also recommended for people who have gaps in their work history, as it de-emphasizes this problem area to some extent. Recent entrants to the work force should check out the Functional Resume.

The chronological format is technically a reverse chronological structure. In it, you separate your resume into a few broad categories (usually Work History and Education) and then begin listing your most recent jobs and schooling and work your way back in time. This format works best for people who have been in the workplace for several years. It is not recommended for the majority of recent graduates, as it doesn’t do a very good job of selling skills so much as it does experience – which is the one thing recent grads lack. Find out more about the Chronological Resume.

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