Contact Information

Your contact information should appear in the following order on the top of your resume.

  • Name. First and last names in big, bold letters. It should be at least twice the font-pixel size of anything else on your resume.
  • Address. This is optional. Employers will call you if they want to set up an interview. However, if you are mailing your resume to employers rather than hand-delivering them, it’s best to let them know where you hail from.  Rule of thumb – if the employer wouldn’t recognize your telephone area code, you should include your physical address.
  • Phone Number. Include both your home and cell phone number if you have one – but no more than a total of two phone numbers. Make sure you have an answering machine set up to receive missed calls. Ditch any humorous answering machine messages; just state your name in a clear, balanced tone, and the best times to reach you. Also request that they leave a message so you can get back to them.
    • When you’re job hunting, treat every phone call as if it was from your future boss.  Answer your phone calls by saying, “Hello, this is [your name].”  If you forget and they ask if they can speak to [your name], say, “This is [he / she].” It may sound a little awkward but it’s grammatically correct. Make the best first impression possible, because employers are sizing you up and judging everything you say from the moment you pick up the phone.
  • Email Address. Always include your email address. Some employers are very tech-savvy, and are looking for the same in employees. Even though most employers won’t initiate contact with you through email, it’s good to let them know you’re in the information age. Always check your email regularly, as some employers – especially young ones and those in technology-oriented companies – are using email as a first line of communication.

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