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First things first – most “professional” resume writing services are not worth the money, let alone the time and effort. The problem with them arises from the fact that few of them understand the depth of knowledge about a person required to write a good resume. You can’t fill out a 10 minute questionnaire and expect to get an award-winning resume back from them in a couple days. While many of them staff quality writers, it takes something more than that to craft a job-getting resume.

Recommended resume writing services

  1. (9/10 rating) – This website is the highest quality I’ve seen in terms of resumes produced and customer satisfaction. They have specialists in a variety of areas which seem to be very competent and well-written. They provide some customer satisfaction statistics on their web site which show a 90-95% rating or so – but these numbers must be taken with a grain of salt, as it is the company itself publishing them after all.
  2. Free counseling (10/10 rating – it’s free) – Don’t forget about the counseling services provided free to students if you’re still in college. While you’re not likely to get a resume written for you by a counselor, they are often willing to critique your resume. Try to find a counselor in your particular area of study – most colleges within universities offer their own counseling services.
  3. Local resume writing services (? / ? rating – depends) – Don’t forget to look locally. Usually it’s only worth considering if you are in a larger metropolitan area, as it’s difficult to find a resume writing company that specializes in your field in smaller cities. You’re going to have to use others’ recommendations when it comes to local services, as the quality can vary greatly. Local services can be better than online resume writing services because they provide 1-on-1 face-to-face contact.

Whether you use my recommendations or another resume writing service, here are a few key things you should be sure they offer:

  • Qualified people who specialize in your specialty area. You need somebody who understands the particular nuances of the industry you’re trying to get a job in.
  • Satisfaction guarantee. Make sure they’ll work with you if you’re unsatisfied.
  • A toll-free phone number. Should a problem arise, you don’t want to find out that they have a long-distance telephone number or none at all. Communication by email is handy, but when problems arise only a call will do in some cases.

I recommend that if you do go ahead and make use of the services of one of these companies, you don’t just take what they give you and call it good. Read it over several times and make changes where you feel necessary. It’s important that you know the exact contents of your resume, and that you stand by its accuracy. I’ve seen many resumes written by these professionals, and I have to say that some of them seem bleak and impersonal. It takes somebody who not only understands what employers are looking for, but as importantly someone who knows how to get this information out of you.

Good resume writers will ask you more than facts about your history. While a good resume almost certainly won’t contain too many details of your personality or tastes, a good resume writer will use an understanding of these things to produce a resume that’s the best fit for you. Your goal when using a resume writing service is to get their expertise packed into a resume that sounds as if it were written by you. You don’t want an employer to know you used a resume writing service.

Disclaimer: I feel obligated to say that I have never used an online resume writing service before. I have, however, spoken to and received emails from many people who have, so I feel I can provide some level of authority on the legitimacy of these companies. In the end, use your own judgment and decide whether or not it’s worth it for you.

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