Resume Paper

Once you’ve finished writing your resume, it’s time to select good resume paper to print it on. A heavy, bright paper is the best choice for the copies of your resume that you distribute to employers.

The recommended resume paper, color and other stylistic qualities of your resume depend to some extent on the type of job you are pursuing. The general rule is you can’t go wrong with a heavy white paper, but there is some room for you to use the physical qualities of your resume to make an impact.

  • If you are applying for a job whose required skill set is of a technical nature, you are best off maintaining a conservative and to-the-point appearance. While an actor may be able to get away with goofy font and a fluorescent resume, you should stick to a clear, black font like Arial and a heavy, bright white paper. You’re seeking a job based on your technical, quantifiable and measurable skills, and your resume should reflect that.
  • If you’re applying for creative, marketing, talent or other artistic positions, you may want to think outside the box. Your resume itself can in itself be viewed as a sample of your work. For instance, arial on plain white paper may not be the best choice if you are trying to catch the attention of the hiring manager at a carnival.
    • I’m not sure if you even have to submit a resume to become a carny, but if so, you’re probably going to have to put some flashing lights or other crazy stuff on your resume to catch their attention. Because carnies like flashing lights and excitement. After all, you are dealing with the kind of folks who travel as nomads from town to town, setting up their magical contraptions for little children and adults alike to ride on. They live by the seat of their pants, leading lives full of adventure and delight. While carnivals may seem fun and interesting to lay folk, imagine how jaded to traditional attention-grabbing devices the carnies become. But I digress. In short, you need to show off some of your creativity, since your skills aren’t going to be as easily measurable as those of an accountant, for instance.
  • If in doubt, opt for a traditional appearing resume over a flashy one. If you are handing out resumes at job fairs, you could bring along a few of each, and depending on the vibe you get from the representatives you speak to, give them the appropriate resume. There are more and more companies out there who pride themselves on having relaxed atmospheres. This doesn’t apply nearly as much to suit-and-tie jobs at banks and other customer service industries, but in others, like software, creativity and a casual attitude may be high on the list of desirable qualities.

Finally, don’t worry too much about the resume paper. It’s probably not going to make or break your shot at an interview; it’s just one of those final touches that gives you a slightly more polished and professional look. It shows that you went to a little extra effort, and that you’re conscientious of the details. The content of your resume will be of much more importance.

By the way, if you are looking to get some business cards made up, don’t forget to put the link to your online resume on it! And you really can’t beat raised lettering; pale nimbus, white. If you haven’t signed up for our online resume builder and hosting, you can get started by registering now. You’ll get your own address (e.g. which you can update at any time.

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