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If you would like a more in-depth exploration of any of the topics on this or any other resume website, there are a few books which I highly recommend. These books are more than glorified common sense – they detail both the art and the science to the process of getting hired. They can generally be found at any major bookseller, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty getting your hands on a copy.

These books focus very little on theory, and heavily on examples and specifics. There’s nothing I hate more than reading a book and being unable to put what it was about into words. These books tell you what to do and what not to do. Since there is no silver bullet when it comes to getting hired, the more information you arm yourself with, the better.

Best general resume guide

Get the Interview Every Time : Fortune 500 Hiring Professionals’ Tips for Writing Winning Resumes and Cover Letters

This book is a good read for anybody job searching or thinking about switching jobs. Unlike most resume guides which are full of fluff, this one provides some great up to date advice. It takes the state of our economy into consideration, and is aware of the difficulties facing those searching for jobs in competitive industries.

Along with suggestions for content, this book also gives some practical advice with regard to structure. It steers people away from writing nauseating resumes peppered with vague, empty self-promotion. Don’t overuse those action words. This book lets you know what hiring professionals really want to see in your resume, and what they really don’t want to see.

Best interview preparation guide

101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions

You should read up on interviewing tactics before you send out your first resume. This topic deserves some serious thought and practice before you find yourself sitting across from your future boss.

If you’re not so quick on your feet – and few people are when it comes to tough interview questions – you should definitely go to a library and spend a day reading over this book. Nothing is more disappointing than spending many hours fine-tuning your resume, only to make a couple crucial mistakes during an interview that lose the job. It’s also very annoying to come out of an interview thinking you got the job when you didn’t.

Best executive resume guide Resume Guide for $100,000 Plus Executive Jobs

The author of this book has worked in the resume writing industry for years. This book focuses on resumes he crafted for executive-level job seekers, and provides some excellent samples. Worth picking up if only for the real world samples. Not a substitute for a book like the one at the top, this one focuses more on giving applicants to executive level jobs an edge over their competition.

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